15 Celebrities Who Attempted (And Mostly Failed) To Do Hammer Pants Justice

MC Hammer turns 50 today! He may be done with his namesake pants — but plenty of celebrities have attempted to bring them back over the years.

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A few years ago, Hammer pants — also known as harem pants — became a truly disturbing fashion trend on the runways. Celebrities everywhere started wearing them, in all sorts of colors, patterns, and volumes. But while MC Hammer himself said in 2009 that he's distancing himself from the pants, practically every celebrity in recent memory has worn them, in public, in front of cameras, gleaming with confidence (why?). In honor of Mr. Hammer's 50th birthday today, I graded some celebrity attempts to do for the pants what the man did himself.

Naomi Campbell: B-

Naomi Campbell: B-

When you are Naomi Campbell and you pal around with "Vogue" editor André Leon Talley while he is wearing a blush-colored croc coat, magenta velvet slippers, and an embellished turban, you can pretty much be fabulous wearing anything.

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Chris Brown: F

Chris Brown: F

Even if he weren't a bona fide horrible person, he'd get an F, because these may just be the dumbest-looking pants on this list, which says quite a lot.

Source: http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lvgfexJ6W31qgubn6o1_r1_500.jpg

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