Watch Sandra Bullock Speak German at Oscars!

Sandy's got some foreign language skills!

Sandra Bullock wasn't up for an Oscar at Sunday's 84th annual Academy Awards, but the Blind Side star still made just an impression on audiences when presenting the Best Foreign Language Film award in German.

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Pretending to first speak in Mandarin Chinese, Bullock, 47, introduced her segment explaining that the Academy was taking a different approach to the broadcast.

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"The Academy is trying something new this year because we are an international show and because there are over 1.2 billion people in China, they've asked me to speak a bit about this category in Mandarin Chinese. Luckily I speak it fluently."

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"One quick note: Since my mother spoke German to us growing up, my Chinese has a very slight German accent," Bullock -- who learned German thanks to a 12-year stint in the country as a child -- said jokingly before offering the Oscar trophy to Iran's A Separation.

Watch more of Bullock's award presentation in the video above now!

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