Two More Contestants Faint During Dramatic American Idol (VIDEO)



Symone Black wasn’t the only contestant to collapse during the stressful Hollywood Week auditions on “American Idol.”

On Wednesday’s episode, Jacquie Cera fainted as she and her fellow competitors got ready to perform during the group round.

“All of a sudden I started tingling everywhere,” she told Seacrest after the scary incident.


Though the singer was able to pull herself together in time for their audition, the judges opted to eliminate her after a lackluster performance.

(Also given the boot in that group: “tent girl” Amy Brumfield, who forgot the lyrics to their song.)

Later in the episode, Imani Handy collapsed – twice.

The contestant first fell to the floor while rehearsing, but mustered up the courage to take the stage, anyway.

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Unfortunately, mid-way through the performance, she fainted again, sending host Ryan Seacrest, her mom and the medics all running to the stage.

(Amazingly, group member Johnny Keyser continued to sing, until Randy Jackson told him to stop.)

After coming to, Hardy pleaded with the judges to let her continue in the competition, but Jennifer Lopez said they’re sending her home.

Other contestants were seen vomiting and crying as they tried to deal with the pressure of the competition and what Seacrest called “the ‘Idol’ bug.”

Check out the video below!

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