The Worst Romance Tips Ever, Courtesy Of Al Sharpton

Happy Valentine's Day! “Set up a tent city of caring and Occupy her heart.”

(AP / Richard Hartog)

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Al Sharpton gave a stunt interview to E!, sister network to MSNBC, detailing his romance tips.

Tell her a funny joke, like “I’m voting for Mitt Romney”. Laughter is the key to a woman’s heart.

If the girl you love is in a relationship, create a SuperPac to run negative ads against her boyfriend. Like this one: Fake ad against “Kevin”

Tell her you’re forming an exploratory sub-committee on why she’s so beautiful.

If really want to impress a girl, tell her you know me…don’t worry, I’ll vouch for ya.

Invite her over to your house, light some candles, and turn on MSNBC’s ‘PoliticsNation’

Other lines include "Take her to a picnic at City Hall, but not so close that you end up married."

Video here.


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