The Ultimate Barack Obama Video Timeline

To most Americans, Barack Obama seemed to appear out of nowhere, fully-formed, in 2008. This rarely-seen footage from 1991-2004 captures lesser-known moments in the future president's life — as law student, community organizer, local politician, failed Congressional candidate, and Democratic nominee for Senate — and offers a glimpse into his political and personal roots.

1991 - Barack Obama: President of the Harvard Law Review

In 1990 Barack Obama was elected the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. This video from 1991, shot for a TBS black history minute features the young Obama telling the audience about Charles Hamilton Houston.


1993 - Community Organizer in Chicago

Following Obama's graduation from Harvard Law he moved back to Chicago where he worked as community organizer and civil rights attorney. This clips comes from a 12 minute interview most of which has never been released.


1995 - Author and Civil Rights Attorney

In 1995 Obama published his best selling novel, Dreams From My Father, a story reflecting on his life and race in the United States. This video, a 1995 interview on Connie Martinson Talks Books, features the young Obama detailing his book.


In this little seen 1995 interview with Etopia News in Los Angeles Obama discusses his mother and father, and his own conception in the 1960s.


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