The Truth About Ray J Book’s Allegation That Kim Kardashian Cheated on Husband

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According to Life & Style, Kim Kardashian is about to be “humiliated again” by ex Ray J, whose new book “Death Of The Cheating Man” allegedly “spills her secrets.”

The magazine says Ray J’s tell-all “details everything from her bedroom skills to her over-the-top spending,” while also containing the “shocking revelation” that Kardashian cheated on her first husband (Damon Thomas) with him.

Life & Style hypothesizes that the book might give Kardashian’s currently estranged husband, Kris Humphries, “more ammunition” as they enter divorce proceedings.

“Kim’s putting on a brave face, but she’s furious about Ray J cashing in on her,” a so-called “friend” tells Life & Style. “There’s so much that has gone wrong for her this year – he’s just another person trying to humiliate her.”

But is this all true?

Actually, this sounds more like a case of the media trying to stir up controversy.

A mutual friend of ours and Kardashian’s tells Gossip Cop, “Kim feels really bad for Ray J for wanting so badly to sell books that he would need to make a reference to their relationship, which ended years ago.”

As for the book’s “shocking revelation,” that same Kardashian pal assures us Kardashian “never cheated” on Thomas, adding, “It looks like [Ray J] is making this up to make himself feel more at peace for all the cheating he did!”

Oh, snap!

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