The Bachelor’s Courtney Flashes Her Boobs in Panama

First The Bachelor's Courtney Robertson stripped down to skinny dip with Ben Flajnik in Puerto Rico, and now TV's most hated bachelorette is taking her skin-flashing to Panama.

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When Robertson, Flajnik and the remaining bachelorettes trek to Panama to meet with locals, the women go on a date that requires them to dress in traditional garb -- including a skimpy see-through bikini top made of beads.

VIDEO: Courtney and Ben go skinny dipping in Puerto Rico

Clearly never one for discretion, Robertson opts to let it all hang out by wearing the skimpy outer layer without her bra underneath, shocking her local hosts.

"We're getting dressed up and these girls are so prude. Why be modest? We're one with nature, it's raining, let's go bikini-less," she argues, as bachelorettes Emily and Lindzi look on in horror. "I'm bare-chesting it. I wanted to do the local flavor. It's fun."

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For more of Robertson's wacky antics -- and her fellow competitors' reactions -- check out the wild clip above before the full episode of The Bachelor airs Monday at 8 p.m.(EST) on ABC.

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