Terrifying Account Of A Dead Baby On The New York Subway Probably Just A Cabbage Patch Doll

According to redditor Hollyholidayz a woman brought a dead baby, carried in a stroller, onto the Brooklyn bound L train last night. The train was subsequently stopped around 6:45 p.m. at the 1st Avenue station where police took over the investigation. No official reports have been released at this time.

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According to hollyholidayz

The L train last night was stopped at 1st ave at 6:45ishy. Announcements said that there was a police investigation at the stop. Everyone was curious and we saw a cop one car down talking to a group of people that seemed very upset.
Apparently, a woman in the next car over had a DEAD BABY in her stroller that she was pushing around. The infant was flopping around in the carriage, head rolling around ect, as a man from that car told me. He also said the car smelled of decomposing flesh, not the usual subway stench. She claimed that it was a doll, but clearly it was a dead child. Someone pressed the emergency button and a policeman boarded the train at 1st ave. She was escorted out with the dead baby in tow and I could see the allegedly dead baby, with toys all around it, flopping around in the carriage. I was so flabbergasted and completely horrified; took me a while to compose myself.

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Another redditor YourHumbleNarrator, was apparently one of two people to inform the conductor of the situation:

I was there too. I was the girl in the black coat and jean hat. It was myself and another guy who ran to the conductor to report it. I got on the train at 8th AVE and sat across/diagonally from her. She had the baby out on her lap and I thought it was strange because 1, it appeared to have burns or scars on it's face-- and a pacifier in it's mouth. 2, it's body was so much smaller than it's head and it was wearing strange almost patched up clothing...no feet or hands were showing. The lady then realized I was staring and started talking to herself, saying things like "you act like you've never seen a retarded person before..." that immediately creeped me out...

YourHumbleNarrator continues:

A woman who was sitting directly across from me caught my attention and we mouthed to each other that something wasn't right and if maybe the baby was dead...she started crying and panicking, and I didn't know what to do, so I turned to the guy who was sitting right next to me with headphones and told him. He said he'd go with me to notify the conductor. So, at 14th street, we ran as fast as we could and banged on the conductors window.
The conductor said that he'd make a stop at 1st Avenue where there'd be a cop waiting. He told us to get back on to the second car to make sure she didn't leave. We did that, and at 1st Avenue, we got off of the train and found the cop who asked us what the issue was. We told him, and he walked over to the car where the lady was still sitting there, but had the baby in a stroller that had two of those retractable hoods on it...

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Via: reddit.com


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