Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Dating Rumors Return

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Here we go again…

The tabloid media is obsessed with a potential Taylor Swift-Zac Efron romance, speculating endlessly that The Lorax co-stars are Hollywood’s new hot couple.

Using years-old quotes and friendly dinners, sites have repeatedly attempted to make the two stars into something they’re not.

Now The Mirror is entering the fray, using the air-tight argument that Swift and Efron are simply too attractive not to date each other.

Focusing on the pair’s appearance on the “orange carpet” for The Lorax premiere in Los Angeles on Sunday, The Mirror writes, “Taylor and Zac were rumoured to be dating last year” (they were not); were spotted having a “flirty” dinner (not true); and look “ridiculously hot” together.

“So what are these two waiting for?” asks the outlet, adding, “All they need to do is start snogging and they could steal the hottest couple around award from Angelina and Brad.”

Gossip Cop will say it again:  There is nothing romantic going on between Efron and Swift.

They’re friendly, their voices happen to be used in The Lorax… and that’s it.

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