Some Guy At The "Redneck Yacht Club" Used His "Monster Truck" To Smash Some Random Lady's Car

This is why I will never go to the Redneck Yacht Club.

According to the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office:

CCSO received a call at a 5:05 a.m. to 44570 Bermont Road in Eastern Charlotte County. A 16 year old juvenile girl, who was there with her 37 year old step-father, told the deputy she left her 1994 Toyota Corolla in a field near the concert stage and went “mudding” with friends. She said while at the mud pit, someone said a vehicle got run over. She went back and realized it was her car that was crushed and contacted security.

The deputy met with a Suncoast Security guard who said around 3 a.m. he saw several individuals run towards a vehicle parked in the field. He said a large crowd gathred and spectators were urging two large trucks to run over the car. The crowd also shouted “the owner doesn’t care, you can do it.” The trucks attempted to run over the hood but couldn’t and then left. Security then said a large white camouflaged van with five-foot wheels showed up and the crowd again said it was okay to drive over the car. The van put the front tire on the front of the car, smashing the hood, backed off, went to the other side and put his other tire on the hood, smashing it and went to the center, driving over the entire car. The van driver drove over the car several times.

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