See Lindsay Lohan’s Puffy, Frozen Face in SNL Promo

Lindsay Lohan is totally down for whatever when she hosts Saturday Night Live for the fourth time this weekend -- but is her face ready for the comedic challenge?

In just-released new promo spots for the March 3 slot (the 24-year-old's first appearance on the NBC show since 2006), Lohan's famous visage looks oddly frozen and slightly bloated as she banters gamely with SNL castmember Keenan Thompson.

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And while the Parent Trap starlet's bubbly charisma and comic chops are on full display, her once-freckly face seems less pliant and expressive than it once was.

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Still, Lohan is more than willing to make fun of herself and her endlessly covered troubles with partying, drugs, alcohol and the law.

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"If only magazines and websites would have documented my activities more closely!" she cracks to Thompson. "America could've used more information about me and maybe even a picture or two!"

Check out the promo now.

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