Ryan Seacrest on Getting Ashed by Sacha Baron Cohen: “I Saw the Urn Coming Up”


Ryan Seacrest initially appeared a bit miffed when Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Dictator” spilled Kim Jong Il’s “ashes” all over his tuxedo on the Oscars red carpet, but on Monday he laughed off the Bisquick attack.

The host discussed the incident on his radio show, confessing, “I definitely did not know that he was going to do that!”

Seacrest recalled, “He comes over, and I asked him a couple of questions, but… You know that feeling in your gut. You feel like, ‘This is going too normally.’”

He said he knew Cohen didn’t get into character “just to answer a couple questions,” but he had no idea what the actor was up to until he “saw the urn coming up.”

“It was getting closer to my chest, and then it tipped over, and it wasn’t the wind. He spilt it on my tuxedo,” remembered Seacrest.

Check out the audio below!

Did you think Cohen’s stunt was funny? And how do you think Seacrest handled it?

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