Megan Fox: I Was “Never The Pretty Girl,” But Might Have Telekinetic Powers


Megan Fox covers the new Miami magazine, and in the accompanying interview talks about religion, adolescence and more.

“I was never the pretty girl,” says the brunette bombshell, following in the footsteps of many Hollywood stars who claim to have looked anything but “Hollywood” growing up.

The former Transformers star also talks about being raised in a religious household, an element of her childhood that she’s brought with her into adulthood.

Fox attends an L.A. church that is “not judgmental, does not close its doors to anybody, and has a young, active, passionate congregation, which is how I like to experience church.”

As for her professional choices, Fox says, ”I’d rather be with good people in a bad movie than the other way around.”

She’s sometimes found herself in trouble with her colleagues, but Fox prizes frankness over popularity.

“I’ll fight to death for something I believe in, and I’ll be completely honest – even when being completely honest is maybe not the wisest way to be,” she says.

And it turns out Fox has a special talent.

Referring to the telekinetic Stephen King character, she says, ”I have this weird, Carrie-like ability to make things happen.”

Good to know.

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