Magazine Tries to Start Twilight vs. Hunger Games Cast Feud

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Well, we saw this coming.

As everyone knows, The Hunger Games is about to hit theaters, based on a best-selling series of young adult novels.

The Twilight Saga is also based on a best-selling series of young adult novels.

Therefore, the tabloids argue, the casts must hate each other!

“It’s War,” announces the new OK! magazine, which claims “the insults are flying in a star-studded smackdown” between Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence, and between Robert Pattinson and Liam Hemsworth.

Um, really?

According to so-called “sources” for the tab, Lawrence calls Stewart “snooty” and has been “talking smack.”

A so-called friend of Lawrence allegedly explains, “It’s like part of Jennifer really wants to overthrow Kristen as Hollywood’s young darling.”

“She’s more motivated now that their feud is pretty much out in the open,” the Lawrence “pal” tells OK!

For her part, says the tabloid, Stewart has acted “like a good little vampire… biting into Jennifer’s looks, branding her ‘plain.’”

Meanwhile, an “insider” claims things between Hemsworth and Pattinson are bad “behind the scenes.”

“Liam feels like Rob should move over and make room for him,” explains the OK! source. “But Rob feels Liam is just this silly, brawny ‘himbo.’ And Liam thinks all Rob can do is portray a sickly looking vampire and that there’s more room in Hollywood for the handsome hunk type.”


Here’s what’s really going on.

OK! is desperate for there to be a fight among the highly visible stars of two blockbuster film franchises, and since that doesn’t seem to be happening, the tabloid is nudging along a “war” based on phony quotes and fabricated jealousies.

Gossip Cop has contacted sources connected with the quartet of actors, and none of them supported the OK! story about back-and-forth sniping.

The only “feud” here is the one the media is trying to create.

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