MAG: Whitney Houston Attempted Suicide Days Before Death

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Just days after Whitney Houston’s funeral, Star now claims the singer “tried to take her life life 48 hours before she died.”

Yes, the sister magazine of the National Enquirer, which published a photo of Houston’s lifeless corpse, now says she attempted “suicide” days before she tragically died in a Beverly Hills hotel.

According to the tabloid, Houston “tried to slit her wrists in the bathroom of L.A.’s Tru Hollywood nightclub on Feb. 9.”

Star reports that after an argument with “X Factor” star Stacy Francis, Houston went to the bathroom, and when she emerged, says a so-called “source” for the mag, “There was blood all over her, from her hands, wrists and legs, and there was a blade in her hand.”

The reason?

The tabloid claims Houston’s mentor Clive Davis was “cutting her off” financially, and was no longer going to give her money because she was allegedly partying too much.

The bathroom “suicide” attempt, says Star, was Houston’s “ultimate revenge” on Davis.

OK, let’s examine this logically.

Houston was going to kill herself, so she waited until she went to a public bathroom inside a popular Hollywood club?

NOT true.

The singer emerged from the bathroom with a blade in her hand?

NOT true.

Houston slit her wrists?

NOT true.

Yes, there was blood on Houston, but pictures clearly show that she did NOT slice open her wrists, and why would there be blood on her legs if she cut under her hands?

What really happened was Tru was packed that night, and people had knocked over glasses, one of which gave Houston the most minor of cuts.

That’s all.

A member of Houston’s entourage confirms to Gossip Cop that Star‘s “suicide” story is “definitely not true.”

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