Lohan in probation ‘homestretch’

Actress Lindsay Lohan is nearing the end of her probation, and is due in court for a progress check Wednesday.
Actress Lindsay Lohan is nearing the end of her probation, and is due in court for a progress check Wednesday.
  • "You seem to be getting your life back on track," judge tells Lohan
  • Lohan earns her third consecutive good probation report
  • Lohan is in talks for Liz Taylor role
  • She'll host "Saturday Night Live" next week

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Lindsay Lohan's probation should end next month, clearing the way for the actress to revive her acting career possibly playing Elizabeth Taylor in a made-for-TV movie.

"Ms. Lohan, you're in the homestretch," Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner told the actress during a probation progress hearing Wednesday.

February is the third straight month of positive reports for Lohan, and a major change from recent years in which she was found in violation of probation for failed drug and alcohol tests, missed counseling sessions and community service work and a shoplifting arrest.

"You seem to be getting your life back on track and that what we hoped for," Judge Sautner said. "It's never our goal to put people in jail."

Lohan has 14 more days of community service -- cleaning up at the county morgue -- and five more counseling sessions to complete before her next progress hearing on March 29.

After that, her probation for two drunk driving convictions five years ago will end. The probation for last year's necklace theft conviction continues, but Judge Sautner said it becomes informal summary probation with no reporting requirements.

"All you have to do is obey all laws, stay out of trouble and get on with your life," the judge told Lohan.

Lohan has been in court more than a dozen times in the last two years, each time creating a media frenzy inside and outside the courthouse. But far fewer reporters attended Wednesday's hearing.

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"They just don't want to cover good news," Lohan lawyer Shawn Holley said.

Stints in jail and court-ordered rehab cost Lohan acting jobs in recent years, but with the light at the end of the strict probation tunnel in sight, the acting jobs are reappearing.

Lohan travels to New York next week to host NBC's "Saturday Night Live" on March 3. It's her fourth time hosting the show, but the first since her legal troubles began in 2007.

She appears close to signing a deal to play the lead in a Lifetime network movie about legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor, who died last year.

Her publicist acknowledged negotiations are underway, but "nothing has been signed."

Although just 25, Lohan has deep knowledge of Hollywood's golden age and has a "high regard" for its icons, he said. She would "really embrace" the role of Taylor, Steve Honig said.

The sales success of her nude photo spread in Playboy magazine, which hit news stands in December, is evidence that Lohan's star power survived her legal troubles.

Lohan was reportedly paid nearly $1 million to pose for the photos taken in a style reminiscent of the nude photograph of Marilyn Monroe that graced the debut issue of Playboy in 1953.