LISTEN: Jay-Z Helps New Singer Rita Ora Debut Single “Party and Bullsh*t”



Is Rita Ora the next Rihanna?

The 21-year-old British singer debuted her new single “Party and Bullsh*t” on New York’s Z100 and KTU radio stations on Thursday with Roc Nation founder Jay-Z by her side.

Ora, who was born in Kosovo but grew up in London, has had success in the U.K. with her song “Hot Right Now,” but hasn’t yet made a name for herself in the States.

But with a little help from Jay-Z, she’ll probably be able to change that.

Check out her songs below!

What do you think of Ora’s music?

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  • Work at home, $35/h, link

    she’ll probably be able to change that.

  • Mellisa

    new rihanna ? are you crazy this party & bullsh*t song is so recycled, she will NEVER come by rihanna’s level… not in a million years, nice try tho

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