Lady Gaga Fans Attack Kelly Osbourne in Wake of Grammys Criticism



Lady Gaga fans have unloaded on Kelly Osbourne after the “Fashion Police” personality criticized Gaga for skipping the Grammy Awards red carpet.

The Twitter attacks began after Osbourne gave her commentary on the music event, at which Gaga made a relatively low-key appearance.

Osbourne said, “Being part of the music industry is walking the red carpet. You say hello to your fans and you give back to those reporters and those people who supported you. And when you go to an awards show and you don’t walk the red carpet, I find that disrespectful.”

Her comments unleashed a torrent of angry, threatening messages from Gaga’s fans, many of which Osbourne retweeted.

She summed up many of the missives, tweeting, “I have been told to die, suck d**k, get raped & that i look like i have aids by @ladygaga fans no wonder they get called bullies.”

Other Lady Gaga fans told Osbourne that she was “fat” and should “kill herself.”

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Osbourne stressed that she has NO problem at all with Lady Gaga herself, writing at one point during the onslaught, “I love Gaga I’m a huge fan she is amazing… i just gave one opinion and people went nuts!”

The fashion commentator added, “I don’t label [Gaga's] entire fan base as bullies because i know they are not but some really are giving you guys a bad rep!”

Indeed, many of the tweets Osbourne reposted for her followers are filled with vile and menacing language.

“@ladygaga really has created monsters. w/ every nasty unjustified tweet u send me u shame your queen. hate [is] not what @ladygaga is about!” wrote Osbourne on Friday.

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