Kris Humphries Had “Mystery Date for Valentine’s Day”?

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“Did Kris Humphries Have A Mystery Date For Valentine’s Day?” asks HollywoodLife, which rarely has any answers.

The clueless webloid goes on to breathlessly report “exclusively” that Humphries was “spotted out to dinner with a guy friend and two mystery ladies on Feb. 14.”

Concluding that the outing must’ve been a “double date,” HollywoodLife digs itself deeper into a hole, writing, “It sounds like Kris might have been getting his game on off of the court.”

“Though Kris recently said that he is single and that he’s only dating his career in basketball,” continues the facts-challenged site, “Kris did show up to a very public place with another guy and two women.”

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“At least Kris was out to dinner and not sitting at home moping over his failed marriage on Valentine’s Day,” concludes HollywoodLife.


As in… wow, HollywoodLife screwed up — again.

A rep for Humphries tells Gossip Cop the NBA player was NOT “on a date.”

“Those two women were his assistant and myself,” reveals the rep, adding the group had just come “back from a long trip to visiting a 4-year-old cancer patient and decided to get something to eat.”


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