Kobe Bryant Reconciling With Vanessa?

This is what happens when two people love each other. They can't stay apart for long. This is also what happens when one person has a large financial incentive to make the relationship work because he didn't make his wife sign a prenup.

Vanessa Bryant was in attendance for last night's Lakers-Hawks game, and lest it seem that the two separated lovers are just trying to remain amicable, the two were caught kissing in the tunnel after the game. Now some might cynically claim that this wasn't the magic of Valentine's Day at work. They might say that Kobe just wants her back because she's entitled to a settlement that could reach nine figures if they divorce. But we're talking about Kobe Bryant here people. It's not like he's some ruthless, calculating asshole... Oh. I see what they mean.

Source: ll-media.tmz.com


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