Jennifer Aniston Channels Crazy For GQ Photoshoot And Other Links

Paul Rudd is a really good sport, you guys. In other news, better to be alone than become Internet Famous for taking your cardboard cutout girlfriend on vacation. These and other Buzz that we missed await your clicking pleasure.

Poster boy for #ForeverAlone brings cardboard cutout girlfriend on vacation. - [TheChive]

Hugh Hefner's son celebrates V-Day by allegedly assaulting Playmate of the Year. Hef basically tells girl to suck it up. - [Celebitchy]

Love is in the air in Malaysia. But not for long if the morality police can help it. - [TheAtlanticWire]

Lana Del Rey dishes about her boyfriend in the most obtuse manner possible. - [MTV]

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are selling their marriage nest. - [The Berry]

On the twentieth anniversary of "Wayne's World," Garth and Wayne are still the purest form of sophomoric buddy comedies. - [Esquire]

20 love stories told through photography gives us all cavities and allergy attacks. - [Slate]

Not sure who Jeremy Lin is? Impress your friends with this "FAQ" cheat sheet. - [DogAndPonyShow]

Valve fans stage protest over delay of Half-Life 3 because there is no more important social issue of our times. - [1Up]

Headline Story: There's a whole lot more to see on GQ's website. Paul Rudd has the patience of Job. - [GQ]


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