Is Jennifer Aniston “Wrecking” Justin Theroux’s Career?

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“Is Jen Wrecking Justin’s Career?” asks In Touch, which claims Jennifer Aniston has forbid Justin Theroux from accepting movie roles that require them to be apart.

According to a supposed “friend” of the pair, Theroux “recently turned down two roles because they shot out of the country and Jen didn’t want to be separated for that long.”

The mag claims Aniston has “separation anxiety” and allegedly told her man “she didn’t want him that far away.”

Adds the so-called “pal,” “She initiated a rule that he can’t be further than a five-hour plane trip so he had to pass on the projects.”


Let’s take a moment to point out that this is the same outlet which reported Aniston had instituted a “sex ban” on their relationship (b.s.), was adopting a baby (not true) and that Theroux “dumped” her over the holidays (wrong).

Of course, Aniston’s supposed five-hour rule is similarly BOGUS.

A source close to Theroux tells Gossip Cop the tab’s story is “ridiculous.”

Perhaps it’s time for In Touch to find new, better-informed “friends” of Aniston.

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