Gabrielle Union Stopped By Airport Security For Hair Weave

Truth rating: 10


Gabrielle Union had a hair-raising experience at the airport this week.

The actress got a patted down because of her… weave.

“Ma weave got ‘flagged’ by the bodyscan at security,” tweeted Union. “TSA required a hair patdown. No lie… they coulda just asked if it was the temple hair.”

She continued, “If human hair & thread sets off the body scanner… a lot of folks jus ended up on the ‘watch list.’”

“It’s a weave not terrorism,” wrote Union, who dates NBA star Dwyane Wade.

After making it through the security snafu, she still had her sense of humor when she settled into her flight, tweeting, ”Bout to take off… hopefully my weave doesn’t cause turbulence… its clearly very powerful :).”

We’re happy to report: Union and her weave landed safely.

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