Eliminated Bachelor Contestant: “What the F**k Happened?”



The stakes were the highest they’ve been all season during the hometown visits on “The Bachelor” Monday night.

Ben Flajnik first dropped by Lindzi Coxs home in Florida, where she rode in to meet him on the horse, just as she did in the season premiere.

Lindzi’s parents were quite enamored with Flajnik, and both he and Lindzi were thrilled with how smoothly things went.

The trip to Kacie Boguskies in Tennessee didn’t go as well.

The 24-year-old welcomed Flajnik by baton twirling with a full marching band, but things went downhill when he met with her federal probation officer father and his equally protective wife.

Kacie’s parents were (rightfully) skeptical of the arrangement, and were very forthright in voicing their concerns to Flanjnik.

Kacie’s mom told him she was 100% against the idea of the couple living together prior to getting married, even if they were engaged.

Flajnik was better received by Nicki Sterlings parents in Texas. Even her younger brother admitted, “I actually like the guy.”

And Nicki herself told Flajnik she was in love with him. His response: “Really?”

ABC, of course, saved this season’s villain Courtney Robertson for last.

The model pulled out all the stops for Flajnik’s visit by throwing a faux wedding for them to participate in, featuring with their own handwritten vows.

She began hers by plagiarizing a quote from Carrie Bradshaw in the “Sex and the City” finale.

No joke.

She also said she loved him.

The visit went well, and for the first time all season, it seemed like she might genuinely care for the guy.

So, who did Flajnik send home?


Kacie did not receive a rose, and was promptly sent on her way.

She broke down in tears as soon as she was in the car, repeatedly asking the camera (ABC? Flajnik? God?) “What the f**k happened?”

Gossip Cop will have video shortly.

Do you think Flajnik made the right decision in sending Kacie home?

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