Courtney Robertson Coaxes Bachelor Ben Flajnik Into Writing Wedding Vows

Courtney Robertson isn't exactly known for being subtle.

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On Monday's all-new episode of The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, 29, visited the Arizona model's hometown. Unfortunately for the California winemaker, Robertson had a "big surprise" in store for him.

"I'm going to tell him I love him, and I'm doing it in a very special way," Robertson, 28, said during a solo date after introducing him to her parents and sister over dinner.  "We're at this place where I've always wanted to get married and I've got a little wedding planned."

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"This is the best way I can think of to show Ben how I feel about him," Robertson explained.

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Armed with two notepads, Robertson suggested they "could write some vows" for one another. "Do you have rings, too?" a shell-shocked Flajnik asked.

"Maybe I do," Robertson teaseed. "Maybe I do."

Later, Robertson and Flajnik recited their vows -- and exchanged rings -- during a faux ceremony that featured a stand-in officiant.

"To put something like this together in such a romantic, intimate setting means so much to me. Standing up there with Courtney felt pretty natural, especially after meeting her family," Flajnik told Bachelor host Chris Harrison.

Robertson was confident her stunt made a lasting impression. "We are not Mr. and Mrs. Flajnik yet, but it feels pretty good to try it on for size," she said.

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