Courteney Cox: I Have Not Had Sex Since David Arquette Split (VIDEO)


Courteney Cox called into the Howard Stern show on Wednesday, and revealed that while she stars on “Cougar Town,” she isn’t exactly on the prowl in real life.

“You still haven’t had sex since your marriage with [David Arquette]?” asked Stern.

Cox replied, “I’m holding to it… I’m not lying to you… I have not had a man since David.”


She explained, “I’m just not ready.”

Stern pursued the line of questioning: “You’re telling me that no guy has asked you out?”

“No guy has asked me out,” responded Cox.

It’s not as though her ex is holding her back, either.

“[Arquette] says to me, ‘Courteney, it’s time, get out there. He wants me to date now. He wants me to start my life, and he’s comfortable with whoever that would be,” said Cox.

Check out the clip from Stern’s show below!

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