Controversial Posters Featuring The Artist Star Jean Dujardin Get Yanked


The Artist star Jean Dujardin is making headlines – and it has nothing to do with that film’s 10 Oscar nominations.

Two sexually provocative posters for the actor’s upcoming comedy Les Infideles – one featuring him, the other his co-star Gilles Lellouche – have been deemed inappropriate by France’s advertising standards authority (ARPP), which asked that they be removed.

According to the organization, the posters “present a degrading image of women.”

Speaking to the French news agency AFP, managing director Stephane Martin noted that the advertisements “are clearly meant to provoke, shock a certain part of the public since they propagate the image of a woman harming her own dignity and decency.”

In the poster featuring Dujardin, he’s seen between a woman’s upside-down legs and beneath the caption, “I’m going into a meeting.”

Lellouche’s ad is even more suggestive, with a faceless woman’s head his crotch and the actor saying into a phone, “The line’s going to cut, I’m entering a tunnel.”

Check out both versions below!

Do you think they deserve to be removed?

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