Contest: Design Art For BuzzFeed's Office Wall

BuzzFeed has moved into new digs in the Flatiron District and we need some artwork for our 'Geeky' conference room. And we like you! So we thought we'd ask if you'd want to have your work hung in our office? You do? Yay!! Details below!

Submissions will be collected, posted on the site, and voted on by the BuzzFeed staff. The winning design will be cut out of felt squares, assembled by our math-loving architect Thomas Jensen, and photos posted on the site.

All submissions must be 5 or less colors and 72 squares wide by 36 squares tall (templates below). 1 submission per BuzzFeed user. Submission deadline is 11:11pm PST, February 28, 2012.

Email your submission as a 900px wide JPG, Illustrator EPS or Adobe PDF to Include your full name, email address, BuzzFeed account name and the title of your piece. Because it's our bizness office and we have to sometimes act legit, please no NSFW images or things that might make us vomit.

Thanks and good luck!

This is the wall!

The 'Geeky' conference room.

A view of the lonely 'Geeky' conference room wall.

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