CLAIM: Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson “Fighting” Over Upcoming Birth

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What are the tabloids going to write about when Jessica Simpson has her baby?

Ever since the day the singer and her fiance Eric Johnson announced they were expecting, rags have continuously attempted to create drama in her pregnancy; alleging she’s depressed because she’s sick all the time; that she’s gaining too much weight; is being called “fat” by Johnson; had a “miscarriage scare“; and, well, you get the idea.

This week, the National Enquirer continues the shameful trend, claiming Simpson and Johnson are “fighting” over how she should give birth.

According to so-called “sources” for the mag, Simpson is opting for a C-section, but Johnson “thinks she should deliver naturally.”

Explains one supposed insider, “He thinks the baby should have a natural water birth, while she wants to have a C-section so she doesn’t have to deal with a prolonged labor or pain.”

“Like most women toward the ends of their pregnancy, she just wants the baby out of her,” notes the source.

That’s funny, considering it was the Enquirer that initially reported Simpson was planning a natural home birth.


In any case, a source close to Simpson laughed off the ridiculous rumor, telling Gossip Cop the story is 100% NOT true.

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