CLAIM: Christina Aguilera is a Drunken Mess, Hated on The Voice

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Christina Aguilera’s Private Hell,” blares the cover of Star, which claims the singer is “caught in a destructive downward spiral” of partying and boozing.

The mag says Aguilera “sleeps all day” and “parties all night,” quoting a so-called insider as saying, “Christina is out of control, and her friends are worried sick.”

According to another supposed source, “Christina goes days without ever getting out of bed. She’ll have food brought to her, and she even drinks in bed too!”

But that’s not all.

Star reports that Aguilera’s alleged private struggles have carried over into her professional life, and she’s an absolute mess on “The Voice.”

One of Star’s so-called set insider says, “Her dressing room is littered with wine bottles,” and adds that her supposed drinking causes her to get “confrontational” with show staffers.

“She’ll start screaming at the top of her lungs about the lighting, the direction, the food, even the maid service for her dressing room,” notes the purported source, who goes on to allege that as a result of her so-called “diva” behavior, “Everyone hates her!”

Alright, enough.

The tabloids have been running variations of this same story about Aguilera ever since she joined “The Voice.”

If she’s such a horrid diva on the show, then why has she already been asked back for season three?

And if everyone loathes her so much, why did she agree to sign on for the next season?

This story makes ZERO sense.

Aguilera hasn’t even been spotted going out at night since January, so the claims that she’s a raging boozehound are similarly untrue.

In any case, a source close to the “Beautiful” singer tells Gossip Cop, “Perhaps the folks fabricating these stories should get an idea of the shows production schedule as they would know that the coaches haven’t been on set since October,” adding that the judges “are all close friends, and that is why they all signed on for another season.”

Our impeccable insider notes that Aguilera “has been working in her recording studio on the new album,” so the allegations that she spends all day drinking in bed are similarly BOGUS.

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