CLAIM: Chaz Bono To Star In Dating Show Like The Bachelor

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(Perez Hilton)

Chaz Bono Wants To Be The Next Bachelor … And We Think He Should!” reads a headline by Perez Hilton.

According to the facts-challenged blogger, “Chaz is thinking of taking a more active approach with his love life … by starring in a Bachelor-like reality series!”

Citing a so-called “source,” Perez then reports “producers have approached him about doing a dating-type show and ‘he is all for it.’”

The hitch?

Bono’s mom “Cher is advising him against the idea.”

“Supposedly, she’s afraid her son has become obsessed with being a ‘celebrity,’” Perez explains, adding, “she is afraid that being on a reality show like this will just end in heartache and embarrassment.”

Actually, the only one who should be embarrassed is Perez, for floating this completely bogus rumor.

A rep for Bono tells Gossip Cop that Perez’s claims are 100 percent “false.”

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