CLAIM: Angelina Jolie “Turns Down” Brad Pitt Marriage Plans

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Life & Style, the publication that last week falsely claimed Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were definitely set to wed, is backtracking as quickly as possible – with an equally phony premise.

The tabloid now claims that Jolie rejected Pitt’s “marriage dream” because “she wants to stay in control.”


Returning to the same Hollywood Reporter interview it already misinterpreted, Life & Style implies that Pitt was actively planning nuptials, only to have Jolie “shut him down quickly – and very coldly.”

“It was a painful and humiliating rebuttal after [Pitt] had dared to go public with his dream of marrying the woman he loves,” explains Life & Style.

The magazine quotes a “friend” as saying, “Angelina is very controlling… By not marrying Brad, she has the upper hand. Right now, she feels like she’s in charge. If they marry, she’d lose that.”

It’s “classic Angelina,” says the tab.

Actually, it’s “classic” Life & Style, which has been publishing quite a few baseless stories about Jolie recently.

A source close to the couple reiterates to Gossip Cop that there were never any wedding plans, and that Jolie and Pitt are very much on the same page about their future.

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