Casper Smart “Tearing” Jennifer Lopez’s Life “To Pieces”?

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According to Star, Casper Smart is making a “fool” of Jennifer Lopez.

“While he may have helped heal her heartache” after her split from husband Marc Anthony, writes the tabloid, “Jen’s new love is now tearing her life to pieces!”

What’s the issue?

“Jen’s friends and family are concerned that Casper is using her for fame and fortune,” explains a so-called “source,” adding, “They think after he cashes in, he’ll dump her like yesterday’s news.”

Lopez is said to be blindly “indulging 24-year-old Casper’s every whim,” leading everyone to fret that he’ll leave her heartbroken and humiliated.

The “source” says, “It’s so obvious to everyone but Jen that he’s using her.”

Smart is said to be “exploiting her business contacts” and “ravaging her friendships,” according to Star, which cites a source who claims, “Jen dumped two longtime girlfriends because they were slamming Casper.”

Hold on.

While it’s true that Lopez and Smart may eventually break up, the notion that she’s sacrificing her fortune and friends for Smart’s sake simply is not true.

Stories about how lesser-known boyfriends are “using” their A-list girlfriends will be published whenever super-famous women date.

But it doesn’t mean there’s any truth to it, and it’s insulting to both parties.

A source close to Lopez tells Gossip Cop the Star story is “inaccurate.”

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