Casey S. Confronted Over Secret Boyfriend On The Bachelor



Forget Puerto Rico.

Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor” was all about Ben Flajnik‘s trip to Panama.

And wherever he goes, the ladies and their drama are never far behind.

Case in point: the ep was filled with nudity, backstabbing and a surprising intervention from host Chris Harrison.

After a successful one-on-one date with Kacie B. (their second!), Flajnik took six of the gals on a group date.

It’s there that an interaction with some locals turns R-rated, when Courtney decides to go topless (save for a strategically placed beaded necklace).

Not surprisingly, the move was very much appreciated by Flajnik.

A two-on-one date with Blakely and Rachel featured some not-so-friendly competition between the two girls and left Flanjik having to make “the hardest decision” in the competition so far.

He ultimately opted to give Rachel a rose and send a shocked and devastated Blakely home.

Unbeknownst to Flajnik, the most tense moments of the trip were still yet to come.

Harrison pays Casey S. a surprise visit and confronts her about having a boyfriend back home.

While Casey explains that he’s an ex, she also admits she’s still in love with the mystery man only identified as Michael.

A stunned Flajnik seems both taken aback and a bit angry that he sent home other women who wanted to be with him while Casey’s heart was elsewhere all along.

“I don’t sugarcoat things,” he tells her, “and I think that you should go home.”

And after that twist, Flanjik still has a rose ceremony to attend.

Jamie is eliminated after an earlier make-out session went awkwardly awry.

Next week’s destination for romance and drama? Belize!

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