Brad Pitt Reveals “Awesome” New Oscars Idea on The Daily Show (VIDEO)


(Comedy Central)

Brad Pitt dropped by “The Daily Show” Wednesday night, and the Oscar nominee revealed a brilliant new idea for determining Academy Award winners.

First, host Jon Stewart asked the Moneyball star, “Why don’t Oscar movies… go negative on other movies?” comparing the process to the current Republican presidential nomination race.

“It’s always ‘For your consideration: Moneyball,’ but why not, like, ‘The Artist: Go F*ck Yourself,’” jokes the host.

Pitt says, “You know what I think we should do? I think we should just put a trophy on the table… and we should just all put our hands on it and see who can hold it the longest. And the last man standing takes the trophy!”

“That is the most awesome idea I’ve ever heard,” declares Stewart.

Check out the video below!

(They start talking Oscars around the 6-minute-mark)

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