Bodega Cocktail Challenge

THE BODEGA COCKTAIL CHALLENGE: Make a cocktail out of mini bottles of booze and ingredients purchased from a bodega. This game was inspired by Broke-Ass Stuart 's reportage for our friends at The Bold Italic on bodegas in San Francisco packaging ingredients for DIY cocktails. Not to be outdone by California, we thought we'd try our hand at some bodega mixology. The results were… interesting.

BuzzFeed's Bodega Cocktail Showdown

Our judges were BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti, Cultural Director Jamie Urso, and Resident Garbage Disposal Gavon Laessig.

Legally Irresponsible Insanity Punch // Ryan Broderick

Fruit Punch Four Loko
1 can Mike's Hard Lemonade
1 bottle 5-hour ENERGY
1 mini bottle Patrón
1 mini bottle Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum
1 mini bottle vodka

Mix contents of mini bottles of liquor and 5-hour ENERGY with 1/4 can of Four Loko and 1/4 can Mike's Hard Lemonade. Serve with gummy worms.

The Lucille // Whitney Jefferson

1 mini bottle Disaronno
1 mini bottle espresso vodka
Ginger ale
Pomegranate juice
Emergen-C (raspberry)

Mix equal parts Disaronno, espresso vodka, and pomegranate juice. Top with 6 oz ginger ale and 1/3 of the Emergen-C packet. Serve with pineapple slices.

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