Ana Gasteyer’s Twitter campaign pays off

Ana Gasteyer's Twitter account has been verified.
Ana Gasteyer's Twitter account has been verified.
  • Ana Gasteyer joined Twitter on August 10
  • A prolific tweeter, Gasteyer has amassed 17,035 followers
  • "To all who fought tirelessly for my verification, thank you," Gasteyer tweeted

( -- She could be the greatest tweeter in the world ... if only Twitter would verify her.

Ana Gasteyer -- the "Saturday Night Live" alum, current "Suburgatory" star, and laugh-til-you-cry visionary behind Schweddy Balls -- is in the throes of a one-woman campaign (or, as she likes to call, it "my own l'il Arab spring") to get her Twitter account verified.

Gasteyer joined the service August 10. That means she's been part of the Twittersphere during an Alec Baldwin meltdown, a Salman Rushdie scandal, Ricky Gervais's shameless self-promotion, and Eva Mendes boring the stuffing out of everyone because she's too busy gallivanting through Paris with Ryan Gosling.

Even a fake profile for Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng was verified. And yet! Still no verification for Gasteyer.

A prolific tweeter, Gasteyer has racked up 618 bad boys in the last 175 days and amassed 17,035 followers. She counts Twitter luminaries including Mindy Kaling, Andy Cohen, Jimmy Fallon, and Rachel Dratch as her friends and yet still no verification.

Knowing that Twitter heavily favors accounts with an associated website, corporate affiliation, or advertising bent (she has none of these), Gasteyer finagled an e-mail address for someone at Twitter and dashed off this missive (per Gawker):


Ana Gasteyer here. People to whom I am not related know me as an actress and comedian, as well as one of the parties responsible for bringing Schweddy Balls and others into the lexicon. Occasionally, my followers inquire/question my legitimacy. How would I go about confirming my identity in order to get verified? I don't have a website as I'm not a company in the traditional sense. Hoping you'll have some handy help --



Cue the radio silence. (The company also has not responded to EW's request for comment.)

Though she's been waging this "personal quest for validation" for weeks now, she has upped her game in the last five hours, posting shots of herself with "Suburgatory" co-stars Jeremy Sisto, Alan Tudyk, and fellow "SNL" vet Chris Parnell to bolster her cause. Will her identity be affirmed? That remains to be seen.

UPDATE: Success! Gasteyer's Twitter account has been verified, witnessed by this tweet: "To all who fought tirelessly for my verification, thank you. 'Twas a long road & in many ways I'm still needy. I won't forget this day or u."

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