Uncle Sam wants Lindsay Lohan to pay her tax bill

Jan 10 (TheWrap.com) - Lindsay Lohan has encountered -- and been responsible for -- many taxing situations. And now the IRS has another one for her.

According to TMZ, the IRS has filed a lien against the "Just My Luck" actress for $93,701.57, claiming that she never paid her income tax for 2009.

Should Lohan fail to make good on the debt, the IRS could go after her possessions -- property, vehicles, bank accounts -- in an effort to collect.

It's unclear how Lohan managed to rack up a $93,000 tax bill in 2009 -- according to the 25-year-old's IMDB page, her acting work that year was limited to "Labor Pains," which was originally intended for theatrical release, but ended up airing on ABC Family. (The film did end up running in theaters in scattered foreign countries.)

The tax lien comes at a time when Lohan is taking pains to pay her other debt to society, performing community service and attending therapy sessions per a judge's orders, after violating her probation.

Luckily for Lohan, she's received a cash infusion of late, in the form of the nearly $1 million she received to pose nude for Playboy.

A spokesperson for the IRS declined comment to TheWrap. Lohan's spokesperson also offered no comment, telling TheWrap, "Lindsay's personal financial situation is her business and no one else's."

(Editing By Zorianna Kit)


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