TMZ Hypes Alleged Chris Brown-Rihanna Reunion, Then Debunks Its Own Rumors



TMZ is usually a reliable website, but is trying to have it both ways today, hyping rumors of an alleged Rihanna-Chris Brown “reunion” – and then posting an “exclusive” denial of those same rumors.

On Monday morning, TMZ breathlessly announced that the former couple had “partied at the same club” – Greystone Manor in West Hollywood – thereby “fueling growing rumors they’re back together.”

But a short time later, the site suddenly declared it had an “exclusive” from Brown’s rep that he and Rihanna “are NOT back together, despite rampant rumors to the contrary.”

First of all, it’s NOT an “exclusive” – Gossip Cop debunked the same rumors LAST WEEK.

Moreover, TMZ was the place most responsible for “fueling” the rumors of a reunion just hours earlier!

That’s quite a speedy flip-flop.

On the other hand, at least TMZ corrects its mistakes – unlike a ton of other outlets.

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