The Wrong Way To Give A Girl A Sexy Chocolate Bath

It’s time to admit that this year’s “Bachelor” is not so great at putting the moves on girls.

At the end of their date, Nicki and Ben find themselves in front of a bathtub filled with hot chocolate water (any relation to Hot Ham Water?) and decided to hop in. (Nice one, producers.) Obviously unsure of what to do once inside, Ben splashes Nicki, who replies, "Unless you plan on licking it off, do not go there." And he doesn't. Instead, he takes the whipped cream (presumably put there for various sexy uses) and uses it as if it was shampoo on the poor girl's head. FAIL.

But lest we forget when Ben was on the last season of "The Bachelorette," when he gave Ashley the "Mental Kiss" of a lifetime:

Motion to change the title of "The Bachelor" to "The Facepalm"??


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