The World's Largest Gumball

Answering the age-old question, “Can a weird dude named Barry make a gumball so big that he cannot possibly chew it?”

According to PopCandy:

In 2006 Barry Chappell was on a long flight to Europe and found he had nowhere to throw away the Nicorette gum he was chewing. So what did Barry do? He rolled it into a ball, and did the same with his next piece of gum. It wasn't long before the man decided to create the world's largest gumball.

Six years and 95,200 pieces of gum later, Barry has done just that.

Apparently this is a big enough deal to warrant a televised award ceremony on DirecTV's channel 233 Thursday at 8 pm EST (this is why satellite TV was invented, so this ceremony can reach homes worldwide).

Also this is how Barry adds gum to his ball. Try not to throw up.

To learn more about Barry check out this site. It has more information than you could possibly want about this gumball.

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