The Truth About Kristen Stewart Attending The People’s Choice Awards

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Twitter is abuzz with speculation that Kristen Stewart will attend Wednesday’s “People’s Choice Awards.”

Though she’s not one of the previously announced celebrity guests, an audience placard for Stewart was curiously shown on Tuesday night’s “Entertainment Tonight.”

In the clip (see still photo below), the seating arrangement has Stewart sitting next to her boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.

So, is Stewart really going to be at the People’s Choice Awards?


A source close to the star tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the pictured seating chart is “bulls**t.”

The insider says they wanted “a headshot of [Stewart] for a skit,” but it’s unclear whether they’ll actually be doing the skit or not.

Regardless, while Pattinson is attending the awards show to support his nomination for Water For Elephants, Stewart was NEVER scheduled to appear and will NOT be there.

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