The "Bayou Billionaires" Are Your New Favorite Reality TV Family

How do rednecks spend millions of dollars? CMT's latest reality series “Bayou Billionaires” found out by documenting a Southern family who got rich virtually overnight. Let's just say that if you don't yet know the eccentric Dowden family, you will soon.

About a year ago, a gas company installed equipment in Kitten and Gerald Dowden's backyard and turned the family into instant millionaires. They're spending the money as fast as they can -- with CMT's cameras documenting all of their extravagant purchases along the way.

Meet The Dowdens

The Greatest Grandpa On TV?

Grandpa Dowden is surely a frontrunner to be the most-loved cast member -- he's 90 and has hoes in different area codes! But before you decide he's the favorite, don't forget to consider the entire wacky family:

Grandpa, the 90-year-old "Ladies Man"

Grandpa, the 90-year-old "Ladies Man"

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