Tabloid: ‘The Situation: Is He Gay or What?’

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Reality Weekly has had a hard time breaking any news in its first few weeks of publication, so now the tabloid seems happy to try inventing some!

The tabloid’s cover story this week – “Jersey Shore Secrets Revealed!” – includes an item entitled, “The Situation: Is he gay or what?”


“Ever since Mr. Show-My-Abs-At-Every-Possible-Moment (aka Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino) burst onto the scene, there have been whispers about his sexual preference,” explains Reality Weekly.

There have been?

The magazine then quotes an (obviously joking) Snooki as saying, “Actually, when we all first met him, we thought he was gay. I think we’re all convinced that he is – and he just doesn’t know it yet.”

Snooki, by the way, is so “convinced” Sitch is gay… she hooked up with him.

“I think he may have gay tendencies,” jokes another cast member, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, in the Reality Weekly piece, referring to a moment on the show when The Situation and some other guys checked themselves out.

Reality Weekly then claims, “Adding even more fuel to the flaming firestorm: The Situation… just canceled a Vegas New Year’s Eve appearance to party in Indiana with male friends.”

The only thing “flaming” here are the tabloid’s pants, so to speak.

A rep for Sorrentino tells Gossip Cop the Reality Weekly speculation is “the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard.”

Congrats to Reality Weekly for earning some superlatives already!

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