TAB: Jessica Simpson Planning C-Section in April

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Jessica Simpson has dropped out of school — Lamaze school, that is,” begins a piece from In Touch, which says the singer is now planning to have her baby via Caesarean section.

According to the mag, “She was taking the classes with her fiance, Eric Johnson, but after a few lessons, she decided to skip natural childbirth and schedule a C-section instead.”

In Touch claims Simpson made the decision after the Lamaze classes supposedly “reminded” her of sister Ashlee’s difficult birth to Bronx in 2008, quoting a so-called “friend” as saying, “She wants to skip the pain.”

“Jessica can’t wait to become a mother, but she quickly decided that giving birth the old-fashioned way just wasn’t for her,” the supposed pal explains, noting, “She is planning a C-section in late April.”

The insider adds that Simpson has “already booked a $2,800 suite at Cedars-Sinai hospital in L.A.”


Now, here’s what’s right about the tabloid’s story: Jessica Simpson is pregnant.

Here’s what’s wrong: EVERYTHING ELSE.

Simpson “was never in a Lamaze class!” a source close to the singer assures Gossip Cop, nor did she did reserve a suite at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

Moreover, additional sources tell us there’s NO scheduled C-section.

So In Touch managed to get three facts wrong within one story… impressive!

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