TAB: George Clooney “Cursed Out” Ryan Gosling for Missing Golden Globes

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“A furious George Clooney cursed out his Ides of March co-star Ryan Gosling for blowing off the Golden Globes,” begins a breathless piece from the National Enquirer.

The mag claims that even though Gosling had a legitimate excuse to miss the show — he was filming Only God Forgives in Thailand — Clooney was still miffed about his absence.

According to so-called “sources” for the supermarket tabloid, Clooney “fumed to a group of showbiz execs in the lobby of the Beverly Hilton hotel following the Jan. 15 awards show,” allegedly ranting, “Ryan Gosling is a (bleep)! The (bleep) stood me up!”

The Enquirer notes that The Descendants star laughed off Gosling’s absence to reporters, joking that “he’s in Thailand… you know what you do in Thailand,” but claims that Clooney’s “jovial manner disappeared as soon as he was out of the spotlight.”

Another supposed “insider” for the tab blares, ”George called him every name in the book!”

Wow, that expression is almost as lame as this story.

Clooney was well aware ahead of time that Gosling would be missing the Globes to film his new movie, and was neither shocked nor angry about his co-star’s non-appearance.

A rep for Clooney tells Gossip Cop, ”It is total bullsh*t.”

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