Site Spins Kristen Stewart Middle Finger Gesture Into Needless Controversy

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One of HollywoodLife’s primary tactics is to take any sliver of news about Kristen Stewart and sensationalize it as much as possible.

The site has wrongly speculated that she and Robert Pattinson might be “already married” (he was joking), that Rooney Mara might steal Stewart’s career, that Stewart was supposedly in the middle of a bar fight… the list goes on.

So it’s no surprise that when a paparazzi photograph surfaced of Stewart flipping the bird while standing next to fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, HollywoodLife sprang into action.

“Did Kristen Stewart Give Karl Lagerfeld The Middle Finger?” asks the blog, more concerned with creating controversy than actually reporting.

To answer HollywoodLife’s question: No.

Stewart obviously flipped the bird.

But it’s clear from the shot that Stewart is joking around and making the gesture at someone other than Lagerfeld.

It’s even more obvious in the video below, which shows Stewart and Lagerfeld getting along quite nicely.

But accurately reporting Stewart and Lagerfeld’s interaction makes for a less scandalous headline.

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