Sandra Bullock Pleading with Ryan Reynolds to Marry Her?

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“Sandra Pleads With Ryan… Marry Me,” reads a headline from Star, which continues to dig itself deeper in a ditch of inaccurate stories about Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

According to the tabloid’s latest tall tale, Bullock is “pining” for Reynolds, who’s now dating Blake Lively.

The mag has a so-called “source” say, “Sandra’s still so hung up on Ryan, I think she’d drop everything at a moment’s notice to be his wife if her dream somehow came true and he popped the question.”

Star’s fictitious “source” then adds in an obviously manufactured quote, “It wouldn’t shock me at all if Sandra was still dropping hints to Ryan that he should make her Mrs. Reynolds — even though he’s dating Blake. That’s how crazy she is about him. But it’s one heck of a heavy torch to be carrying.”

That “torch,” says the mag, was “burning brightly” when Bullock joined Reynolds and Lively three months ago at his 35th birthday in New York.

Conveniently, Star had another made-up ”eyewitness” positioned at the party, claiming, “Sandra was being very flirty and attentive towards Ryan — and it was a bit awkward for everyone around their table, Ryan and Blake included.”

Adds another of the tab’s imaginary sources, “It’s got to be tough when the guy you love moves on to someone who’s more than 20 years your junior.”

Of course, Star is the same outlet that made a boob of itself a few weeks ago when it wrongly reported that Bullock was getting breast augmentation surgery over the holidays — she didn’t.

Bullock is not “pining” for be “Mrs. Ryan Reynolds.” Nor is she carrying a “heavy torch” or acting “flirty and attentive” around her The Proposal co-star.

As Gossip Cop has reported over and over and over and over again, Reynolds and Bullock are - and have always been - just friends.

And Star is — and continues to be — just wrong.

A source close to Bullock tells Gossip Cop, the magazine’s most recent story is “entirely fabricated.”

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