Puppy Bowl Behind The Scenes: Piglet Pep Squad

For the first time ever, a Piglet Pep Squad will take to the field during Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl . BuzzFeed was granted backstage access and got to hang out with piglet stars Bubbles, Hank, Beulah, Khalessa and Othello, which was way cuter than we were prepared for.

When we entered the Piglet Green Room we found Hank, Beulah, Khalessa and Othello hanging out in a pen. They came to Midtown Manhattan all the way from Ross Mill Farm in Pennsylvania, but were totally calm about the whole thing.

I asked the handler if I could get in the cage with them and she said "Sure, just be careful that they don't bite you." Eek!

Potential biting aside, look how cute that face is!

This is Bubbles, the star of the show and Ambassador for Ross Mill Farm.

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