New York Times Creates Rules For Texting While Walking

Alas, stopping to text with your back against the wall is only half the battle. Can we forcibly remove all slow people from the sidewalks also?

Filmmaker Casey Neistat had this to say about his mission for his short film:

"I wanted to make a movie about this issue for years, and got started after a discussion with my friend Benny Safdie on the proper, courteous way to text while walking. By mastering the etiquette of texting, I hope we can gain more control over our increasingly electronic lives. Let’s stop acting like hollowed-out zombies, with BlackBerrys and iPhones replacing eye contact, handshakes and face-to-face conversations. It’s time to live once again in the present and simply be where we are."


The proper technique, by the way? Getting out of the flow of traffic and standing against the wall to complete your text.


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